FOLUSO GBADAMOSI is helping to build, sustain digital culture

Foluso Gbadamosi is a business and technology professional who currently works at Junior Achievement Nigeria as the Executive Director. She has significant experience harnessing organisations to use digital technology to build and sustain a digital culture and be effective and responsive in a digital environment, having worked for global and indigenous businesses in telecommunications, fast […]

From Blackboards to Keyboards: The Digital Shift in Learning

I have vivid memories of the early 2000s when I was approaching my third/final year of university. If you had any interactions with the US during that period, you may recall the University of Phoenix advertisements – they were pioneers in online education and tirelessly promoted it, trying to get us all to join the […]

The Role Of Technology In Unleashing Your Superpowers

In our rapidly evolving world influenced by technology, our innate talents and unique abilities have the potential to take on a new dimension. Our talents can be defined as our innate abilities, while our strengths are the exceptional and extraordinary results of intentionally developed talents. Our strengths are our superpowers, giving us the edge in […]

18 Smart Ways To Stay Productive When Business Is Slow

For service companies that experience a summer slowdown every year, finding ways to keep staff members productive during this time is crucial for maintaining momentum and utilizing resources effectively. While customer or client work may decrease, there are many valuable activities that employees can engage in to make the most of their and the company’s […]

18 Impactful Ways Leaders Can Support Remote Employees In 2023

Remote work has become the norm for millions of employees worldwide over the past several years. While employee-manager relationships have certainly changed without in-person, face-to-face contact, business leaders have the power to streamline operations and empower remote teams as their companies evolve to better accommodate and support remote workers. Continue Reading on Forbes here