The Platformarization of the World

“It costs WHAT per person???” I shouted loudly at the lady who told me it would cost $35 per person to get me and my family to the airport on the hotel airport shuttle. At this point in the trip, we had lost some money due to some unexpected circumstances, so there was an unhealed wound that […]

Tips for Working Remotely while Social Distancing

Everyone in the world, even the most traditional of workers have been pushed into a new world…. The world of Working Remotely! This has caused many to figure out as many innovative ways as possible of staying connected to the various stakeholders they are typically connected to. From clients, colleagues, board members and more! The […]

Why you handle money the way you do

Last year, I attended the 2019 Annual Wimbiz Conference and listened to a discussion topic ‘Developing a Wealth Mindset’. As I listened, I realised that our money habits are largely related to our life experiences. Our life experiences form our mindsets and if we do not actively deal with negative and unhealthy mindsets, they can […]